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Flat solid polycarbonate sheets


The material “polycarbonate” is one of the most advanced types of polymeric plastics available today, with huge fields of application.
Solid polycarbonate sheets are the most advanced glazing and roofing solution, because they combine a large number of advantages compared to any other material.


Safety and protection.
Light transmittance: Its light transmittance is 92% of glass.
Low weight: it is half the weight of glass and 43% of aluminium foil
Thermal insulation: Better than glass (e.g. K=5.21 vs. 5.80 in 5mm thickness)
Weather resistance: It has demonstrated excellent resistance to all weather and atmospheric conditions in different regions of the world.
Flexibility: It can be cold-curved with a minimum radius of 200 times its thickness.
Installation: Machining and installation can be done with all common tools and without requiring special machining knowledge.
Chemical resistance: Polycarbonate sheets have a high resistance to various chemicals.

Video: Polycarbonate sheets are made of polycarbonate, which is resistant to polymeric materials.

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Flat solid polycarbonate sheets