Welcome to the DECOMAT.gr website.By visiting our website you accept the terms of use that follow and you commit to use our website and the web pages that make up our website, as these terms define. In case you do not wish to be bound by the following terms of use, you cannot access our website and use our services.

Our company reserves the right to modify and update these terms of use whenever it deems it necessary, and any changes will take effect from the public appearance of these on the DECOMAT.gr website.

General conditions

The commercial enterprise under the name MELLIOU & SIA E.E. (Tel.: 2310 512818, A.F.M.: 091244314, D.O.Y.: A’-B΄ THESSALONIKIS), which is established and based in Greece, in Thessaloniki, at N. Plastira Street, Terma Pontou 14, Kalochori 570 09 and legally represented, maintains the e-commerce website DECOMAT.gr intended for the marketing and sale of modern construction and decorative materials.
Any sale of products through the above website is governed by this text and the electronic forms completed by the Customer, which constitute the “Agreement” between the Company and the Customer. No other agreement, oral or written, is acknowledged to exist defining the relationship of the parties with respect to the purpose of the Agreement.
For the conclusion of the Contract, the Customer communicates electronically and accordingly consents to receive electronic communications from the Company in relation to it. Every electronic declaration of intent sent under the Contract has full evidentiary value and cannot be contested by the Customer on the grounds that it was made electronically.
When entering into the Contract, the Customer has the obligation to act as required by law, good faith and morals. In addition, you have the duty of truthfulness for any personal or non-personal information you provide, as well as the obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal password and account.
When transacting with the Company, the Customer represents that they are eighteen (18) years of age or older or, if they are under eighteen (18) but older than thirteen (13), that they are under the supervision of a parent or other parent, who accepts these terms. Parents or guardians of a minor who uses the Company’s website bear full responsibility arising from such use, including any financial obligations.
The presentation of products and services for sale on the website has the character of an invitation to the Customer to submit an order proposal. For this reason, such a presentation does not in any way constitute a commitment by the Company for the availability and adequacy of the displayed products and services or for the immediate execution of orders except to the extent required by good faith and commercial ethics.
Before entering into the Contract, the Client takes certain preliminary steps. Specifically, he registers or connects as a user of the website, adds the desired products – services to the shopping cart, fills in the shipping and billing information in the relevant electronic forms and finally confirms the selected order. The submission by him of a completed order, as follows, shall constitute a proposal for the drawing up of the Contract. At this preliminary stage, on the one hand, the Company does not bear any contractual or other responsibility or obligation, and on the other hand, the Customer does not have any kind of right.
Upon receipt of the order, the Company processes and, within a reasonable time, accepts it, sending a corresponding electronic letter to the Customer. This electronic letter constitutes acceptance of the Customer’s proposal and is considered to have been received by him at the time when the latter gains access to it. Upon receipt of the acceptance by the Customer, the Sales Agreement between the Parties is drawn up in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Within 24 hours from the time when he has the possibility to access the electronic confirmation of his order, the Customer can inform the Company of the existence of any error due to mistake in the content of his declaration of intent.
The essential characteristics of the products for sale are accurately described, both verbally and visually, within the website. The Company is solely responsible to the Customer for the factual and accurate description and bears no responsibility for its completeness. The Customer is solely responsible for the selection of the products and for their suitability for the purposes for which he chooses them.
The prices listed on the website are the exact sales price of the products and services as the case may be, while they do not include the transport costs, which are specifically mentioned during the order submission process.
To pay for his order, the customer should deposit the corresponding amount into the following bank accounts:
EUROBANK, IBAN: GR 9602 6004 2000 0580 2010 97 481
BANK OF PIRAEUS, IVAN: GR 4901 7223 7000 5237 0636 42 094
ALPHA BANK, IVAN : GR 4701 4047 0047 000 200 200 5067
BANK OF ATTICA, IBAN: GR 6701 6046 6000 0000 0823 315 73
ETHNIKI BANK: If the transfer is made by ETHNIKI BANK or another bank, please make it to EUROBANK
Beneficiary: MELLIOU & SIA E.E.

When depositing, the Customer please enter the order number as justification.

Payment by credit/debit card

If you choose a credit/debit card to pay for the product(s) you purchase from Us, you must provide Us with the type and number of the card, its expiry date and the Code Number for the purpose of payment Security (CCV), filling in all the necessary fields in the (secure) order form. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards. Transactions in our Online Store via card are protected by the highest online security systems, which guarantee a secure transaction environment in most of the world’s largest businesses. We process your card details exclusively for the completion of the transaction, i.e. the payment for the purchase of the products from our online store. The card number is not stored, therefore for each purchase in Our Online Store that you wish to pay by credit/debit card, you will have to re-declare your card details. Your credit/debit card details are managed securely and at your own risk by your payment service provider.

Data and transaction security

We recognize the issue of data and transaction security as a matter of major importance and for this reason we take all necessary measures to ensure it. Your transactions in our online store are protected by the highest online security systems, which guarantee a safe trading environment. The website protects its members from any data interception using the data encryption method. While browsing the website, your information remains encrypted and therefore not visible to unauthorized third parties. Encryption applies to all stages and all transaction procedures and sending of your personal data-elements to and from Our website. Also, during the process of making credit card payments, the credit card details are protected with the encryption method. The data remains encrypted and is not disclosed to any third party.

Alternatively, payment can be made at the Company’s warehouse.

As soon as he makes the deposit, he must inform the Company accordingly (by sending an e-mail or by telephone) in order for the latter to proceed with the preparation and dispatch of his order.
With the acceptance of the Customer’s proposal, the Contract is completed and the Company has an obligation to deliver the ordered products within ten (10) days. After their delivery to the customer, the risk of damage or loss of the ordered products is borne by the latter. The delivery time, which may be mentioned, is calculated as an approximation without any guarantee for its accuracy. The price is paid once. Ownership of the products sold is transferred after full payment of the due price.
The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract free of charge and without cause within a period of 14 working days from the date of receipt of the products he purchased, after notifying the Company of this withdrawal. You can only notify the withdrawal by sending an email to the Company. In case of withdrawal, he is obliged to return the products in the same condition in which they were received within the above deadline, while he bears the cost of their return. The address to which the returned products must be sent is the Company’s headquarters or warehouse. The refund to the Customer is completed within 30 days of his valid withdrawal.
To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company disclaims any responsibility for direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage that may result from the order, transportation or use of the products sold. The Company is not responsible for delays in the execution of the Contract attributable to circumstances for which it is not responsible or due to force majeure. If such incidents last for more than two (2) months, either party may terminate the Agreement without compensation. In addition, the Company does not provide any kind of commercial guarantees for the products sold and is not obliged to any other kind of further service after the sale of them.
For the resolution of any dispute arising between you and our Company, the courts of Thessaloniki are competent and the applicable law is Greek, without taking into account its conflict of law rules.
In the event that a part or provision of this is invalidated by a decision of a competent court as not legal, valid and enforceable, this fact will not affect the rest of its provisions, which will remain in force and be applied.

Copyright Copyright
Both the trade name, the trademark and other distinctive features as well as the content of the DECOMAT.gr website, the software and the way it is structured, are objects of exclusive intellectual property rights of the Company and are protected according to Greek, Community and international intellectual property law.

Otherwise, no part of this website may be recorded, reproduced, distributed, leased, transmitted, publicly displayed to the public or otherwise made accessible to the public without the express written permission of the Company.


License and User Obligations
Our Firm grants you a limited license to access and use the Site, pursuant to which you may use its contents solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. Your use of the Website must be within the bounds of law, good faith and morality, without infringing our intellectual property rights or our rights under database protection law.

Any alteration or other interference with the content or software of the website is not permitted, as well as any attempt to undermine its technological integrity and functionality. Furthermore, it is not permitted to retrieve, copy or further use part or all of the content of the website.

When you visit the Website or send us an e-mail, you are communicating with us electronically and accordingly consent to receive electronic communications from us. You also have a duty of truthfulness for any personal or non-personal information you share with us and an obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal password and account.

Limitation of Liability
The DECOMAT.gr website is provided to its users as is without any further guarantees for its functionality, and its use is entirely at your own risk. Although we make every effort, we cannot guarantee the maintenance of the correctness and validity of the information and content of our Website.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, our company disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damages that may result from the inability to use the Website and from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or in the transmission of information through it on the Internet. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damage that may arise from the use of the website and is the result of the actions of third parties.

Collection and processing of personal data

When you register on DECOMAT.gr, you will be asked for certain personal information, such as: first name, surname, country, county, city, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Our company strictly follows the Greek legislation on Personal Data Record Keeping. The data declared in the above cases are not disclosed to third parties and are in no way made public or exploited in any way. These data are used only to the extent that it is considered absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the individual services provided by our company to its users, as well as informational support of users (newsletter), informing them about new offers of services and products.

DECOMAT stores the data that you provide when placing your order, in order to serve the purpose of completing the purchase process and shipping the product you ordered. DECOMAT undertakes not to use your data for any purpose without your written permission, unless DECOMAT receives an appropriate order from a competent judicial/public/police authority.

Your data is kept securely and confidential for all but the fully authorised DECOMAT staff who need to come into contact with it, for system maintenance or for other technical reasons. These personnel are bound by a corresponding obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information they encounter in the system.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you consent to this transmission for the aforementioned purpose. At any time you have the right to delete, correct or modify your data by contacting contact@decomat.gr

For any further information or request you can contact our company as follows :

1) By post to the address:
Melliou & Co.
N.Plastira, 14 Pontos Terminal, Kalochori 570 09.

2) By telephone at the following telephone numbers:
2310 512 818
2310 529 559

3) By e-mail:
At contact@decomat.gr

4)Or visit us at our premises in N.Plastira, 14 Pontos Terminal, Kalochori 570 09
The opening hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00-16:00.