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Light tubes are a modern ecological solution for natural lighting with a wide range of applications.

According to studies, an average of 80% of working hours for indoor work can be achieved by using natural lighting from light tubes and tubular tubes.

These are a variation of hoods as in practice they consist of a translucent type of hood to which a reflective tube is attached.

Their main feature, which is their main advantage over the hoods, is the fact that the reflective tube, by means of reflection, transmits natural light to points which cannot be directly illuminated (as they would be by a hood), such as lower floors, basements, or through walls or suspended ceilings and other remote or angled points.

By using them we can achieve 100% energy savings.

The CHATRON Portuguese light tubes imported by our company have the special component – mirror MAX LIGHTING which optimizes the absorption of natural light even during cloudy weather and directs it to the reflective tube from any direction and at any time of the day.

CHATRON light tubes are CE marked (click here to view the relevant brochure)

In cooperation with the technical department of the production plant, we can offer you a complete lighting study of your space using the special DIALUX simulation program

To see photos of light tube applications click here